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Why Candidate Communication is Crucial in the Hiring Process

As an IT and tech recruitment agency, we have had the pleasure of working with lots of talented candidates and successfully helping them land a career in the industry. Each candidate has held exceptional skills and experience that make them right for the clients we recruit for. However, the most important skill for a candidate to successfully get through the hiring process is communication

Recruiters have a responsibility for many things from sourcing candidates and interviewing to negotiating offers. For both our clients and candidates, one of our most crucial aspects is making sure that the hiring process runs smoothly. Despite our efforts, poor communication gets in the way. Most recently, we have seen a trend of candidates ghosting interviews and follow-ups, which makes the recruitment journey a much longer one.

In this blog, we share our insights on candidate etiquette during the hiring process and cover communication tips that will help you stand out for all the right reasons and increase your chances of success in your job search.

Top 5 Communication Tips for Candidates

Communication is a skill we all possess, but good communication is what is necessary to keep the hiring process running smoothly. To nail this, candidates should:

1. Keep on Top of Your Correspondence

 As a candidate, you need to make sure you’re “on it”, whether that’s checking your emails or voicemails or responding to an offer letter later down the line. We understand that our candidates are busy in their job search, so we appreciate that not everyone can respond as quickly as you would usually. 

To make sure the hiring process doesn’t drag out, make sure to respond back to our correspondence within the same day or shortly thereafter. At Morris Sinclair, our expert team of recruiters are here to help you during this exciting time so with frequent communication, we’ll ensure you do well. 

2. Don’t Ghost the Recruiter

Recently, there has been a trend of ghosting in the recruitment process from both employers and candidates. Ghosting refers to the process of disappearing from all channels of communication, making it impossible to get in touch. 

It was found that 28% of candidates ghost their prospective employers which was a 10% increase from the previous year. Despite the global pandemic massively changing the hiring process, we still see many candidates fail to keep in touch and drop off from the face of the earth! 

The Time a Candidate Ghosted us

We were working with a FinTech client to find two candidates for a role in their company. We had successfully found 4 candidates which were set up for interviews across two days. Our team made sure the candidates were well prepared and aware of dates and timings and checked in the morning to see if they were still attending. Everything was confirmed.

Unfortunately, 2 candidates did not attend with no acknowledgement despite contacting them. No-shows like these waste our client’s time as well as the time we spent actively sourcing, preparing and chasing them. 

Recruiters often carry the stigma of being pushy, which is not something any of our recruiters has ever been described as! At Morris Sinclair, we want to make sure we help both the candidate and the client achieve their goals. But when candidates ghost us, it leaves us in a difficult position. Ghosting is not only a sign of unprofessional behaviour but also indicates a lack of commitment to the job which is a waste of time for everyone involved!

3. Follow up with the Hiring Manager

We always recommend to our candidates that they follow up with either us or the hiring manager after any interviews. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity in an email can make a big impression on the employer and will demonstrate your interest in the job you’re applying for. 

4. Decline Offer Letters and Do Not Avoid Them!  

If an offer comes your way and you ultimately are not happy with it, it is usual to decline it. But deciding not to inform the employer or the recruiter will leave us both hanging for an answer! There is no harm in letting the recruiter know. We want to assist you, so simply emailing or messaging us will suffice.

Recent research found that job seekers often ghost employers either because they have received another job offer, decided it wasn’t the right job or did not offer enough money. If our candidates ever experience these reasons, we will work with them to find a better opportunity or negotiate a better offer so that your needs are met.  

5. Deal with Rejections Professionally  

Handling rejection professionally is an important part of the job search process. Candidates should be prepared for the possibility of rejection and know how to handle it sensibly. Make sure to respond to the rejection letter asking for feedback so you can take this on board the next time. 

If you follow these 5 tips for communication, you will make the recruitment process easier and smoother for everyone involved. The relationship between the recruiter and candidate is always two ways so don’t ghost us – we’re here to help!

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